MetaDEX obtains liquidity from major exchanges through advanced algorithms, splits a single transaction between multiple DEXs, provides asset exchange at the best price in the market, and reduces fee. MetaDEX pioneered the (time-weighted) mechanism to that solves the problem of impermant loss, simulate a better transaction depth. Fees earn is distributed among the team, nodes and super nodes . The feature to be implemented in MetaDEX1.0 are:
Obtain the best exchange rate: Automatically obtain the liquidity of multiple exchanges through advance algorithms to identify the best exchange rate for transactions.
AMM transaction: currency exchange, split large transactions into multiple DEX to reduce transaction costs.
Order book transaction: The transaction is automatically triggered when the price reaches the user-defined price within a certain period of time.
Liquidity pool: Launch a liquidity mining pool for governance tokens, and launch mining pools with partner's projects from time to time.
Governance rewards: According to the node governance MetaDEX, adjust transaction fees, recommendation rewards, governance rewards, mining pools, etc.
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