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MetaPioneers Backgound

In this vast and dense universe, the daring captain, first officer, and crew members of the Meta Base are leading the professional prospectors in the search of rich & abundant prospectoral resources. These resources will eventually be minted to the common exchange currency of the galaxy, MPI. The galaxy itself contains extremely rare prospectorals, and mining these prospectorals can earn much more rewards for the MetaBase. The captain and the crew members will not participate in the mining activities of the prospectors. Still, by leading the prospectors to their target destination galaxies, they can earn portions of the mining rewards.

🌍Galaxy Identities of Meta Prospector

Ⅰ.The Captain

As the leader & guide for prospectors of the universe to travel through galaxies, the captain is unquestionably the most attractive position of the ship.

His ability to consistently lead prospectors of different regions in their search for treasure earns respect from various sides. The rewards are precious for the captain position. Moreover, as the expansion factor for the journey, if the captain sees the potential of other crew members, the position of the first officer will be rewarded for them to prove their ability.

Benefits of The Captain NFT:

  • The captain NFT holders can directly participate in the Whitelist shared profit

  • For certain contribution levels achieved, the captain NFT holders can get three First Officer NFTs for free, no limit set.

Ⅱ. First Officer

As the successor favored by the captain, the First Officers must try their best to prove their ability as Captain. Only by completing certain contribution requirements then can a First Officer be promoted to a captain.

Benefits of The First Officer NFT:

  • The First officer NFT holders can participate in the shared profit but with a relatively less amount than the captain NFT holders.

  • The First officer NFT can be promoted to the Captain NFT after certain tryouts.

  • The First Officer NFT can be traded in the Meta Prospector market.

Ⅲ.Crew Memeber

Everyone who joins Meta Prospector is considered a crew memeber, while crew memebers hire various prospectors in their exploration of the abundant prospectors of the universe.

IV.The Prospector

The universe's most popular and profitable role; every prospectors has a different personality & skill sets. prospectors put their dreams into gear and participate in various mining jobs around the universe. Although everybody knows it's a great adventure, they also recognise its considerable profit.

Prospector NFT

Price: $100/ per Prospector NFT

Boarding Pass: 80,000MPT for 30 times * Available for multiple purchases

  • The attributes of each prospector NFT are unique.

off time (maintenance time): When the prospector's stamina drops to zero, the user needs to consume $MPT for energy replenishment

Rarity of The Prospector NFT

The rarity of this type of NFT can influence different attributes and impact the eventual mining efficiency. Users can upgrade the rarity by consuming “Rare Chip”, which can be acquired by opening mystery boxes.

*General Prospector

*Superior Prospector

*Premium Prospector

*Expert Prospector

*Master Prospector

✅General Prospector & Superior Prospector & Premium Prospector, and Expert Prospector are able to mine $MPT

✅Prospecting Master is able to switch to the Cake pool and mine $Cake permanently

✅The Prospector NFT can be traded in the Meta Prospector market.

V. Props NFT

Users can consume $MFI, and open mystery boxes to get Props NFTs; These Props NFT are unique in their type, rarity and attribute.

✅Prospectors can equip various props to improve their arrival time at the mining site, mining efficiency, etc.

✅The Props NFT can be traded in the MetaPioneers market.

Mining upgrade Props⬇️

  • Common Attribute bonus

  • Good Attribute bonus

  • Advanced Attribute bonus

  • Epic Attribute bonus

  • Legendary Attribute bonus


September 2022

  • Pre-sale Whitelist NFT Collection

  • IDO Launch

  • The Prospector NFT For Sale

  • Meta Prospector Product Launch

October 2022

  • Launching Props Feature For Prospector

  • Launching Star Rewards & Star Race Features

  • The Props NFT For Sale

  • Launching of Mystery Boxes with "Rare Chip" for Rarity upgrade of the Prospector NFT

November 2022

  • Launching $Cake Mining Feature

  • Launching of The First Officer NFT Trading Feature on Marketplace

  • Launching Props Upgrade Feature

  • Launching of “ Rare Chip Compositing” Feature

December 2022

  • UI Design Upgrade

  • Ecosystem Construction Developing

  • Adding New Modes of Game Play and Expand NFT Usage Scenarios

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