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Official website: https://metafinance.com
“Meta”, refers to the basic unit that composes things, and extends to idealization and the foundation of everything. MetaFinance is a community-driven DeFi Hub that includes multi-chain mining pools, aggregated DEX, DAO governance, mining pools and NFT market. Each product is a separate module but when combined, results are amplified (1+1 >2) Most importantly, the income of all MetaFinance modules belongs to the token holders.
Vision: To be one of the world's leading DeFi integrated financial services providers.
MetaFinance is a community-driven DeFi innovation. It adopts an innovative community driven approach. Most other DeFi projects attract investors who only chase for high yields and leave when the yields drop. MetaFinance differentiates by building closely knitted communities. The radiation of these communities is a truly decentralized financial entity based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.
Mission: We accelerate DeFi product innovation to enable more global users to enjoy secure & accessible DeFi services.
MetaFinance's mission is to reach out to people around the world to leverage on DeFi as a means to generate passive income. Our ecosystem encourages community members to spread the word to their peers. We hope to build the world's largest DeFi community. We firmly believe that a community driven DeFi Hub will be sustainable in the long term.
  • Put Users First
  • Act With Fairness
  • Keep Innovation
Through the financial products of MetaFinance, it is convenient to mind tokens, receive and share income with friends and your peers; buy and sell cryptocurrencies and NFTs on decentralized trading platforms; borrow on-chain and third-party unsecured loans, and access to vults to generate interest; all of this will be realized through the community autonomous DAO organization that manages MFI entity belonging to all token holders.
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