Where you stake MFI to earn passive income

MetaPool adopts a liquidity mining mechanism with no pre-mining, no private equity, and no team reservation; the MFI produced by MetaPool carries the community value of MetaFinance, and the MFI is distributed to the hands of effective consensus participating in the MetaFinance ecosystem. The mining mechanism introduces innovative mechanisms such as optimal currency holding and time weighting to effectively prevent the "huge whale" from overly affecting the decentralized consensus.

On the BSC chain and HECO chain, users can stake their MFI tokens to start mining and gain MFI rewards for doing so. According to the change of staking period, up to 4 times, the computing power can be obtained. The staked MFI cannot be withdrawn during the mining period, while the mining earning can be withdrawn at any time. The lock-up time and accelerated income with reference to the following schedule:

How to stake $MFI in MetaPool - To earn your passive income?

1. You need a crypto wallet to store your $MFI for staking. ( $MFI/$MetaFi are available on the Hoo Exchange, PancakeSwap, or MEXC.)

2. Visit 🔗 , and choose your preferred blockchain, authorize login with your wallet, and choose your preferred staking options.

3. Enter the amount of MFI tokens you wish to stake, and press "Sign up" to complete the procedure.

4. You can claim your MFI earnings after the period you've specified.

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