2020 Q3 MetaFinance is officially launched, and Dapps such as MetaBoard, MetaPool, and MetaDAO are developed based on the Ethereum blockchain.
2021 Q1 MetaTrigger goes live, completes the distribution of community revenue, and conducts multiple DAO votes for products and mining pool parameters
2021 Q2 MetaFinance embraces multi-chain, completes cross-chain deployment of BSC and Heco, and launches MFI mining pool and community node plan
2021 Q3 completes MetaFinance V2 version upgrade, layout of global ambassador program, new UI iteration
2021 Q4 launch MetaDEX; issue digital identity DID for nodes, moving from ordinary voting governance to efficient node governance
2022 Q1 Optimize MetaDEX user experience and recruit high-quality community nodes for the global market
2022 Q2 Launch of MetaLend product; Genesis launches unsecured loan test and NFT circulation
2022 Q3 Launch MetaFund, relying on MetaFinance community foundation to expand the resonant ecosystem
2022 Q4 Continues to develop to become the world's strongest DeFi community, launching more revolutionary Dapp applications...
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