Node Ecology

Decentralized nodes drive MetaFinance to reach out to community users, build a new chain governance system, issue a limited number of digital identity NFTs for nodes to participate in DAO governance, and collect governance rewards.

Below is the number of MFI token required to be staked for the application of nodes on either Binance Smart Chain (BSC) or the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO).

Node Type

Individual Staked

(MFI Token)

Group Staked

(MFI Token)

Standard Node



Super Node



Node Dividend

Nodes rewards Period (currently 7 days, can be adjusted in MetaDAO) to equally share the ecological income rewards, all nodes fairly enjoy the profits and benefits of the commercial entity, as proved by the node NFT chain, the regular income includes MFI dividends, product profits, and cooperative project generation. Currency etc.

  • MFI dividends: 20 per day, 10 for each of BSC and HECO, 5 for each of ordinary nodes and super nodes, which are equally divided among the qualifications.

  • Product profit: MetaDEX and MetaTrigger stablecoin vaults will be distributed proportionally.

  • Partnership project tokens: airdrop and MFS exchange quota based on node qualifications from time to time.

Node Competition

The node competition is the meta-launch phase of DID digital identity. The incentive plan in this phase mainly helps us to obtain a large number of nodes participating in the meta-launch phase. These nodes will receive the DID-NFT issued by the MetaFinance community. Nodes will participate in the governance of DAO with DID in the future. The voucher is also used as a reward voucher for part of the ecological income and an unsecured loan voucher, and the node competition and node dividend rewards are superimposed.

Node Compeition


Super Node


50 points

160 points

Awards Range



Number of Awards (weekly)

100 MFI

140 MFI

Blue-Print Project

The Project Blueprint is to launch by the MFI community to motivate prominent evangelists in the community. It rewards communities and users who perform well in node promotion and node competitions. Communities that meet the requirements will receive 1.5 MFI rewards per day for 160 days, a total of 240 tokens. So far, node rewards, node competitions, and blueprint plans have jointly supported node construction, and obtained more cornerstone nodes for the next stage of digital identity DID issuance and node governance.

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