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“Meta” refers to the basic unit that composes things and extends to idealization and the foundation of everything.

MetaFinance is a community-driven DeFi integrated commercial complex that includes multi-chain mining pools, aggregated DEX, DAO governance, yield aggregator, MetaLabs and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). Each product is a separate module, but when combined, results are amplified (1+1 >2). Most importantly, the income of all MetaFinance protocols belongs to the MFI token holders.

Vision: To be one of the world's leading DeFi integrated financial services providers.

MetaFinance is an innovative platform for community-driven DeFi, adopting a development approach unexplored by other DeFi platforms. Unlike most online DeFi platforms with weak consensus, MetaFinance builds a relationship network based on community influence and serves every user and community. It is a unique decentralized financial integrated commercial complex based on blockchain technology & smart contracts.

Mission: We accelerate DeFi product innovation to enable more global users to enjoy secure & accessible DeFi services.

MetaFinance aims to encourage more global users to create passive income by using DeFi products as a source of support. Our ecosystem encourages community members to share the spread of information to their networks to build the world's largest DeFi community.

We are confident that a community-driven DeFi hub will be successful and sustainable in the long term.


  • Put Users First

  • Act With Fairness

  • Keep Innovation

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