MetaLend (Coming soon)

MetaLend is a lending moduel in MetaFinance. It integrates the characteristics of the community sponsorship system that differs it from other traditional DeFi platforms. MetaLend approval is community base.

MFI holders cans stake their tokens to obtain a sponsorship status. A loan application requires a sponsor's approval to realise the loan. The sponsor will receive most of the interest. The loan assets accepted are mainly stablecoins, ETH and other circulated tokens in the ecosystem.

MetaOP (Coming soon)

MetaOP is the decentralized financial derivatives module within MetaFinance. At present, the main financial derivatives and synthetic assets in the market do not require physical ownership of the crypto assets. Without physical delivery, they cannot be widely recognized by traditional financial institutions and therefore limits the growth of the crypto market capitalization. MetaOP will adopt a forward transaction model to assist the decentralized ecosystem in constructing aggregate transactions that include options, futures, exchanges, ETFs, CDS, insurance policies and a series of derivative products. All of this will be implemented based on MetaOP's underlying protocol.

MetaChain (Coming soon)

MetaChain will be required to serve and maintain the performance of MetaFinance products. In view of ETH network's congestion and increasingly expensive gas fees, there will be a need to launch a public chain network with better performance to carry the MetaFinance ecosystem and to serve the DeFi and NFT platforms. Based on the cross-chain performance of the entire platform, MetaChain will propel MetaFinance to further heights. That to say, We certainly will not rule out staying in the ETH network continuously until the vision of ETH 2.0 is fulfilled.

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