MFI Token
MFI is the governance token of MetaFinance, it also serves as the uitlity token to faciliate the value exchange among the various modules within MetaFinance. The total token supply is 420,000. Halving of mining rewards happens every 12 months (time according to block fluctuations). MFI was first deployed on the Ethereum chain. Subsequntly successfuly launched on the Huobi Ecochain (HECO) and Binance Smartchain (BSC) too.
Their contract addresses are:
  • ETH:0xEaDC218Ac4cB7895a5A56e6484646b48f841C45a
  • BSC:0x808f1350dff684C099F4837A01D863fC61A86BC6
  • HECO:0x54353526eADe905d0d5849EA7D0936F86Ca17DA3
MFI circulation is minted in three seperate blockchains. With the consideration of the Gas fee and timeliness, MFI selects the optimimum path from multiple exchanges as cross-chain relays. The asset reserves of cross-chain relays will rely on the common reserves of multiple networks, and the reserves come from the market.
The MFI mining rewards halving occurs when the smart contract reaches a designated block. The ETH halving block height is 13629060; the BSC halving block height is 12714594; the HECO halving block height is 10032753. The first halving event is estimated time to be around November 15, 2021. Thereafter, the total mining rewards of the entire network will be reduced to 200 pieces per day.
  • Stake MFI-ETH to provide liquidity to participate in mining pool mining to receive income;
  • Stake MFI to obtain mining revenue from the mining pool;
  • Locked MFI to participate in voting to obtain governance income;
  • MFI token is a right for community governance voting and determines the future development of MetaFinance;
  • Participate in various products in the MetaFinance ecosystem;
  • To increase the value of currency holdings, as the size of the MetaFinance pledge pool becomes larger, its profit margin and valuation increase exponentially; at the same time, MFI also has a combustion mechanism. Each time a transfer is made, MFI will burn 2% to the black hole address (in MetaDAO in 2021.2 Vote cancelled)
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