MFI Token

MFI is the governance token of MetaFinance, it also serves as the uitlity token to faciliate the value exchange among the various modules within MetaFinance. The total token supply is 420,000. Halving of mining rewards happens every 12 months (time according to block fluctuations). MFI was first deployed on the Ethereum chain. Subsequntly successfuly launched on the Huobi Ecochain (HECO) and Binance Smartchain (BSC) too.
The following are the contract addresses for MFI:
  • ETH:0xEaDC218Ac4cB7895a5A56e6484646b48f841C45a
  • BSC:0x808f1350dff684C099F4837A01D863fC61A86BC6
  • HECO:0x54353526eADe905d0d5849EA7D0936F86Ca17DA3
MFI's circulation volume is the output volume from the three blockchains.
MFI selects multiple exchanges as cross-chain relays, and the reserve assets of the cross-chain relays will rely on the common reserves of various networks. The reserve assets are generated from the number of market circulations, that is, the number of outputs already minted MFI.
MFI Token Use Cases
  • Stake it to receive mining income from mining pools of MetaPool .
  • Stake it to receive your MetaMedal (MetaFinanceDID), and mint your unique NFTs from MetaID
  • Use it to participate in on-chain voting for governance
  • Use it to participate in the development of the various products in the MetaFinance ecosystem