In MetaFinance, each user has a unique digital identity DID, which is controlled by the user in the form of NFT, including registration time, pledge information, community information, etc. According to different digital identities DID, users can obtain a variety of NFTs, enjoy different rights and rewards, participate in product whitelists, etc. MetaFinance rewards are also distributed according to the corresponding digital identities.
MetaFinance digital identities are first applied in MetaFinance's unsecured lending. For different digital identities such as super nodes and nodes, you can advance the mining pool output for a certain period of time without re-mortgaging the tokens when borrowing, and at the same time recover the corresponding NFT. After repaying the advance amount and interest, reclaim the NFT. These NFTs containing digital identity information can be freely circulated and traded. The rights and interests is then retained by the new owner of the NFT.
NFT Category
Gobal Ambassador NFT
Limited to 48 pieces for Global Ambassador
Super Node NFT
Issued to super node users
Node NFT
Issued to node users
Cornerstone NFT
Issued to users holding pETH
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